Cyber Resilience in Uncertain Times

Cautious organizations prepare for disasters with measures like cyber insurance and good backups. Yet, cyberattacks, climate change, a pandemic, and civic unrest are threatening business continuity, disaster recovery, and cyber resilience plans. Ransomware has become so costly that insurers are raising premiums or leaving the cyber market entirely. Backup data centers are at risk of damage from wildfires, floods, and heat waves.

Are you trying to ensure your organization has the cyber resilience it needs?

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  • How to assess the cyber risks of today
  • What role insurance should play in your resilience plan
  • How to craft an effective incident response plan
  • What new factors you should consider before investing in IT infrastructure
  • About the latest research and best practices for protecting your backups against ransomware
  • The latest thinking in incident response plans and what your 2023 plan should look like
  • and much, much more

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